We are desperately sorry to announce that THE RIOTOUS BROTHERS will be cancelling scheduled gigs over the next few months as Mash is unwell and will need time to recover. When we know more we will let you know. Thank you for bearing with us. Peace and Love.

We've made 3 videos of songs from The Tree.

Here's Something's Got To Change

The Riotous Brothers' third album is called 'The Tree' and contains ten fabulous original songs. It's on sale now, both as a CD and from iTunes!

It's had some great reviews: Check them out here


Some quotes from reviews of the new album:

Mash Sonnet and Paul Long are the songwriters throughout the ten original tracks and on this showing they are a force to be reckoned with. I think the Riotous Brothers are a band on the rise. This album reveals more on each play. Blues Matters

The Riotous Brothers are starting to make their mark on the British Blues Scene. This, their third album... shows a growing breadth to their work, demonstrating song writing and performance skills in abundance...a convincing outing for the band and this album will enhance their reputation no end. Blues In Britain

It's always a relief when you enter a shred-free zone, and the new studio album by The Riotous Brothers definitely qualifies as blues music for grown-ups...If you thought they don't make records like that anymore, think again. They do. The Blues Magazine

The third album by The Riotous Brothers, The Tree, starts like a feeling of pure exhilaration and ends up with you wanting to weep for all the right reasons and take each song to your heart...Let the evening dusk give way to night and the creatures of the darkness have their time, you won’t notice them but come morning, when the dew settles around you, you will see another leaf on the branch, it will be your admiration for an album of absolute stunning beauty and breath taking originality. Liverpool Sound & Vision

While many at the younger end of the contemporary blues-rock scene seem too concerned with volume and endless riffing, The Riotous Brothers offer a hard-edged sound by substituting volume with presence and power, and by blending 60s-style r'n'b with a soul influence...a most agreeable and recommended selection that demonstrates The Riotous Brothers' versatility. R2 Magazine

Photos from our recent appearance at The 100 Club in London


For the Record…

Our third album 'The Tree' is now on sale. This is all original work like our second album, ‘Shout It Out'. Our CDs present our style and engagement with the Blues as a contemporary genre.

‘So memorable were some of the songs that I had to do a double take, as I was convinced they were covers, but all the material on the album is self-written’ Blues Matters! Magazine

We are proud to say the first originals CD ‘Shout it Out’ got very favourable reviews. Take a look for yourself, as we have put them on the web site for you on our Press page. These reviews were super-meaningful as the coverage is from people who are in the know and whom we respect:


‘A repertoire stretching the limits of blues and R&B, songs from their own book have a familiar feel to them, as if they are the standards of tomorrow. The band had a great rapport with the audience’

Blues In Britain Magazine


Something in the Air…

The Riotous Brothers can also be heard all over the Internet Radio, as well as having been featured on National Radio: - You’ll definitely have heard of BBC Radio 2 for sure:

The Paul Jones Blues Show on BBC Radio 2|Martin Clarke’s Blues Session | K.C.O.R.

Tony Corner Firebrand Rock Radio | Paul Stiles on UK Blues Today | Raven ‘n’ Blues