Our long-awaited fourth album is finally released, against heavy odds.

Having played some of our best gigs ever, The Riotous Brothers were looking forward to an exciting New Year when in January 2017 our guitarist and singer Mash was felled by a severe stroke. For a while it seemed touch and go as to whether he would regain his mobility and speech. Plans for a fourth album - part-recorded, to which Mash and Paul were busy adding overdubs - were put on hold.

After a lot of discussion it was decided that the rest of us - Paul, Dirk and Mat - would finish the album.

Now, after more than eighteen months, Mash is very much his old cheeky self again, and although his playing and singing abilities are compromised for the forseeable future, he has contributed hugely to finessing STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, our fourth album.

The songs existed as basic tracks with a few overdubs in the can. Mash had recorded guide vocals and some scratch guitar parts and one finished studio vocal performance, and so the various takes, demos and rehearsals were mined for useable recordings of Mash's parts. Paul spent long months skilfully cleaning up Mash’s guide vocals and Mat played some great guitar where planned parts had not been recorded, including solos.

We hope one day that The Riotous Brothers will return to live performance, but until then this new album, STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, is dedicated to our dear friend and brother, Matt Sonnet - Mash.



STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD is available from iTunes, CDBaby, Apple Music, Spotify and all the usual digital outlets. It is also available on CD if you contact us at, for a PayPal payment £10 incl P&P. As The Riotous Brothers are not able to do any gigs at the moment there is no big print run of CDs, so each CD will be individually burned and numbered.




Our two previous studio albums, of all original material, are also available from iTunes, CDBaby, Apple Music and Spotify, or as a CD if you contact us at, for a PayPal payment £10 incl P&P.


Our first album is still available, as a CD only, if you contact us at, for a PayPal payment £5 incl P&P.


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